Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello, this is a film review

Being home totally makes me freaking lazy to blog. Plus, I was really into the Glee mood even though I totally think the storyline is just too childish (yes, even though Kurt's story always, in fact never failed to make me tear, I'm so weird I like gay guys! LOL!).
So anywayz, my first blog post from home is going to be movie review of movies I've watched maybe 2 weeks ago... Not that they aren't good, just that I was really lazy, okay? So here we go...

Rise of the Planet of the Apes
I must admit because I've grown up watching more Chinese movies as a kid, I did not watch any of the earlier Planet of the Apes movies. So this is the very first one.
The story was something like how people misused chimpanzees as their experiment tool and in the end got it back from the chimpanzees. Yea I know, like so lame right? Well, maybe not lame, just that it's a bit lack of creativity. Like once you watched the beginning you already can predict what's coming next. Having to say that, I still like the message the movie wants to bring out to the public. At least it is straight to the point that you shall not mistreat animals. And I'm totally amazed by how technology has made the apes looks so human! I mean, the facial expression made them so creepy to watch!
Nothing to shout about in terms of acting, totally a waste of actors using James Franco and Freida Pinto. But I was surprised to see Tom Felton in it! Quite cool to see him landing jobs outside the Harry Porter series!
I know I sounded like I hate the movie at the beginning of the review, but actually, I think the movie is worth a watch. You just have to put aside the fact that the storyline is just not very fantastic.

我是为了汤唯而看了这部电影,但失望的是有点大材小用的感觉。甄子丹就实在跳不出叶问的框框,但老实说句,这部算不错了,比陈真好很多!金城武确实是重点,确实演得蛮到位的。嘿嘿,帅哥会演戏!!! :p


Hayley said...

Planet of the Apes was unexpectedly good, though it circles around apes only.

As for the 2nd one, I heard quite alot negative review.... =_=

ShiRLeXia said...

Yeap, that was good effort!

I also think it was so-so only lar, a bit too 'deep'.