Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bersih? Seriously?

I just read this article written by one of my favourite bloggers, KY. I read his blog frequently for food reviews but this article was a little different. In my opinion, this is the best blog post he had ever posted in his blog. People shed tears reading it, and that include my Deardo Wong (okay, he said watery eyes only lar... :p)

Like many of you, I'm hardly an activist. I whine about the country, the leaders, the people, the culture, etc occasionally, just like any of you Malaysians do. Bersih Gathering or Rally? I didn't give a shit. After watching and reading the news, I thought it was a waste of time for those people to just be there to be caught and be shot with tear gas. Nothing would change just because of such a gathering! Nothing!You can NEVER see these pictures in any of the local newspapers.
Then KY's article hit me real hard. What he wrote was the true story of not only how the so-called authorities treated the protesters (yes, you better realise by now that whatever said on TV and on the newspapers are rubbish), but also how the different races stood together, helped each other for a 'bersih' country throughout the entire event. As an ex-journalist (though a lousy one who is now still being ignorance of the political happenings), I am surprised at how naive I was to believe in whatever came out in the local news.

Many thanks should be given to the powerful internet. With the internet, you can't really hide things (yes, even from your mum and dad). Bloggers, online news agencies and even FB-kers make you realise that the country is much more complicated than you think.

I feel sad for my fellow journalists friends, for not being able to practice what we've learned in college or uni. The media is definitely not 'bersih'. Seriously, do you still want to become a journalist in Malaysia?

And after reading numerous articles posted by bloggers and some online news agencies, I thought hey, the Bersih 2.0 actually made a difference. Imagine, these people just wanted a bersih election with a peaceful march or gathering, or whatever you call it. But look at how they were treated by the FRU? Do you still call this democracy? Do you still believe in what your government says? Do you still believe in what your PM says? Do you? Even if you don't give a shit about the event or the dirty politics, do you think these people deserve to be treated like that by the government?

I do not need to tell you much, but I think you understand why I said the rally will actually change something. And I regretted and am shameful of myself for not being part of the rally, just like how I gave up voting at the general election back in 2008.

I am a registered voter now. Are you? Are you ready to TRY to make a change too?

By the way, our PM just made the whole world LOL at us...

I don't know if he will win in the coming election, but one thing for sure, he will win an Oscar for the "Lousiest Actor" award for that.


KY said...

thank you for reading. :D

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