Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fair Game

This is one of the few movies that I really can't wait any longer to share with you guys, although it isn't a very new movie, but well it wasn't show here in Malaysia anywayz... REAL SAD CASE.
Based on a memoir named Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House, the movie is sort of a biographical movie of an ex-CIA Valarie Plame and her husband Joseph C. Wilson.
The movie started off quite boring actually, except for the first scenes that have KL in it (yes they shot the movie here), all the nuclear boms, aluminum, terrorists attacks and all that crap before the climax came when it is almost one hour into the movie. And then you will realise all that crap in the beginning were necessary. The entire story sounds pretty unrealistic yet it is a true story. I am truly impressed at how the director made it so touching, engaging and encouraging. It's very political and I think if you are an activist, you will surely love this one.
Naomi Watts and Sean Penn's performance was as usual, brilliant, but not to say their best lor. Nonetheless, I think there is no other actor more suitable for the role as Joseph Wilson. I mean, come on, Sean Penn is, himself an activist in real life! He is even like Joseph Wilson, known for his criticism on George Bush. I love the chemistry between the two though, at least I feel like their chemistry in this movie was much better than in 21 Grams. As a fan of Sean Penn, I must admit, I still think he looks so sexy even in those granpa glasses and sweater!!! OMG I LOVE SEAN PENN!!! Can he act in movies more frequently??? I so bloody miss him!!!
I googled the movie and the real persons and I find it amazing how these people can speak their mind, wrote books criticizing the government and eventually made a movie out of it. Although they stress about how they are not-so-democratic in the U.S. in the movie, I think if you take Malaysia into consideration, they are definitely better than us. At least they don't have some stupid law that allow them to detain people for no reason!!!
Anywayz, trust me, this is a good movie.


Hayley said...

No wonder never heard about it, will make a trip to Yuyi soon *wink*

I like Naomi Watts~

ShiRLeXia said...

Yes, yes! Yuyi Wan Sui!

Ah... Good reason to watch this movie!