Monday, July 4, 2011

Colourful Sabah

I went to KK with four of my colleagues and three of them smoke. Two of them are Muslims and the one lady from our KK office who was helping us and bringing us around is a Muslim too = Halal food only. The only lady I shared the hotel room with snores like crazily loud and caused me three sleepless nights.
That basically summed up my KK work trip, which actually sounded SO SAD.
Anywayz, exploring KK can be quite fun. Although the town itself is actually quite small and old, there are still stuff that are worth mentioning about the town.

I'll let the pictures say the words...Had my first dinner in KK at the Filipino Market where they serve loads of ikan bakar, udang bakar, sotong bakar, ketam bakar... Everything Bakar. Yea they are all Malay-styled stalls with a tea pot of water on the table for you to wash your hands.
I dared myself to try these which I believe are seaweed but they were very yuckkkkky... The Sabahans seems to like it a lot though!

The Filipino Market is basically like a huge everyday-Pasar Malam. People come for meals, buy very fresh fruit and vegetables, even souvenir and keropok.Believe me, the vegetables there look so fresh and believe me their vegetables and meat sold at the supermarket are really lousy-looking.
I was about to ask the boy selling these stuff that look like Avocados what are they before something stopped me...
Yeap, I was standing next to a Mat Salleh guy. He chose three like very small apples. And the boy told him 3 ringgit for that. He went:"3 Ringgit? Phew~~~ You mean 1 Ringgit each?" Then the boy nodded and the Mat Salleh actually took out one from the plastic and walked away paying 2 bucks.
MH=Malaysian Hospitality. I think that Mat Salleh guy had a feel of the MH.

I tried very hard to escape eating with my colleagues just because I don't want to die of secondhand smoke. But there was only one night I had my time out where I did some shopping and enjoyed my dinner myself at Port View, a place I went before during my last trip to KK. I was sitting at a table facing the sea view with nice breeze! NICE~! :)
They called this 'Seafood Fried Noodles (Wet)'. Looks and tastes more like Maggi Ladna.
Sabah Vegetables with eggs! Yummy!
Spent RM27 for that meal alone and was bloody full because of the large portion of vegetables but I had a freaking great night alone lor!!! :D

We were there for a culinary challenge. So being a kuli there means not many pictures of myself. Here's like the one and only group picture of us...Master chefs??? Or Iron Chefs???
Of course I still think those colleagues are actually quite cool people. They are very nice and always entertain me with dirty jokes. It's just that I really hate eating with them because they could smoke non-stop and I always feel like I'm dying soon if I continue to hang-out with them.

One thing that makes this trip a bit more meaningful was... I had my first ever reflexology and body massage!!! Yes, believe it or not, first time ever in my 27 years of life! Ha!
It was painful because according to that girl I have a lot of wind in my body. And my neck definitely has problem because of sleeping position. If I have a camcorder I would have recorded down my facial expression throughout the entire massaging experience. It would be very funny! But hey it was a great experience and I can't wait for my next massage experience! Bring it on!!! :pSitting outside the massage place with my legs looking very oily after the massage session. I wanted to snap a pic with the massage girl but she got another customer right after me!
I'm loving my cute red skirt I bought recently from Promod! I'M LOVING THE MEGASALES!!!

And in Sabah...
You could be the headline of their newspaper if you suffer light injury when your motorbike went into an accident. In KL you definitely need to die to be in the headline... ==|||

Time to get some sleep again to replace all the sleep I missed in KK. Goodnight!


LayJinG said...

I love the sabah vege too! Hardly get here!

ShiRLeXia said...

Hardly? I think we can't find them here lor!