Monday, July 18, 2011

HALAL food in KK

Okay guys, it's time to go back to Sabah for some food reviews. Like I said in my previous post, My KK work trip was a Halal one. Maybe not completely Halal, but definitely no pork. So out of those pork-free meals, I thought there were two places I went that were worth mentioning.
So here we go~

Seafood noodles @ Jin Jin Seafood Restaurant, HilltopWell the seafood restaurant only operates at night. Day time they have this stall selling their very famous seafood noodles.
They have a variety of stuff for you to choose from, be it the normal fish balls and fish cakes, or the high-end stuff like fish meat, fish head or fish maw! So you choose the ingredients to go with whichever noodles you like, then just choose to have it in soup or have the dry one, which also comes with a bowl of soup.Very special fried fish cake.
The dry noodles with the tomato soup.
I had my noodles with fish, homemade Yu Wat, Fish Maw and Fu Chuk.
I ordered the soup one but I definitely think the dry one looks really tempting! The uniqueness of the noodles lies strongly with the soup. It's more like tomato seafood soup. I thought it was interesting but tasted a bit too bland to me. Perhaps with some pepper, the soup would be perfect! I love the ingredients though, the fish, fish maw and homemade 'yu wat' were all very fresh and I totally enjoyed them!
With a cup of Kit Zai, if I've not mistaken, my meal only cost me RM10! Not too bad hey!

I tried to korek the address but couldn't find it. No worries, when you reach Hilltop, the restaurant can be easily seen by the road side, right next to the Prudential building. :)

Malay food with a twist @ Kak Nong, Harbour CityNow this is an award-winning Malay restaurant one shall not miss when visiting KK. Kak Nong won The Best Kopi Tiam award at the Sabah Tourism Award 2007. That's not important lar, the most important thing is, I'm impressed! :)
Looking more like a cleaner version of Mamak stall, the restaurant sells mostly dishes that you can normally find at the common Malay stalls. But! With some twist! For instance, you can find Bakso and Soto with not only chicken and beef, but also seafood! And I noticed a lot of the customers enjoyed their ice-blended desserts.My very satisfying Soto Nyonya with Seafood.
The very famous Gado-Gado.
Since we were there for a very late dinner, I opted for a lighter option and that is the Soto Nyonya with seafood. See what I mean? Soto Nyonya! They even have Soto Gulai! The Soto tasted more like the Chinese Fish Head Mihun, with the salted vege, ginger, tomato and tofu in it. But then somehow there is still some Malay rempah smell in it which makes it a little different. And unlike the usual seafood you get in Malay stalls, the seafood here were all damn fresh! Yumzzz... My colleague ordered a Gado Gado, which is like a modified version of Pasembor, but with kangkong, long bean and keropok in it! The sauce was so good I was thinking of ordering it as my second dish but I controlled!
I can't remember the price but I remembered it was very much reasonable. Kak Nong is definitely something different that will change your entire perspective of Malay food! Must try, really!

Kak Nong Restaurant
B26 & 27, Level 1, Block B,
Harbour City, Sembulan,
Jalan Pantai Baru,
88100 Kota Kinabalu,
Tel: 08-8487 411

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