Thursday, July 7, 2011

Steamboat Buffet! @ Shabu One, Lot 10

We accidentally found this restaurant which is lost in between those boutiques in Lot 10. I mean if we didn't decide to go check out the National Geographic Store we wouldn't even know there is restaurant stuck up there. I did that on purpose, be in the picture just to proof that I was there... :p
At RM25.99 (excluding tax) per person for dinner, we thought hey that's not too bad. Close to what we have at Mentari and obviously it looks cleaner and grander (is there such word?) than whatever we have at Mentari. So we decided to give it a try.My apology for the quality of the picture. Perhaps I was too hungry.
As we walked in, we were already 'wow'-ing not-stop. The way they display the food and everything else just look so grand and appetizing!
We didn't wait long to start grabbing food from those counters...
The cooked food were all pretty good, except for the fresh boiled prawns which look really fresh but turned out to be quite bad. The have a wide range of stuff, from fried rice to minced chicken rice and noodles, up to tea egg and curry fish balls! Deardo is definitely a fan of their curry fish balls. You can even make your own minced meat noodles and rice!
As for the steamboat itself, the clear soup we had was just so so. I think so far nothing can beat the one we had in Cameron Highlands. The vegetables were very sweet and fresh but i really find the shellfishes were all not really fresh and that include the prawns. But I was very happy to have the marinated beef tendon there and they were satisfying!!! I was also very amazed by the variety of noodles at the noodles station and the bloody impressive sauce station! Love that sauce station!!!I must be really hungry... Otherwise why so little pictures? Hmmm...
Now... The dinner doesn't sound very satisfying yet... Until we tried the dessert!!! We were both quite full that we didn't even have any of the ice-cream. But man the mango pudding and Ai Yu Bing (爱玉冰) were bloody fantastic lor! I'm very sorry as I started eating I became lazy to take pics so I didn't have pictures of them... They were damn nice and refreshing we couldn't stop eating them! I think both of us ended up having about 10 bowls of the Ai Yu Bing and at least 4 of the pudding! Ha! I told Deardo the next time we visit this place I will save my stomach for the dessert! Imagine! I'm not even a dessert lover!
I just said it, I'm surely visiting this restaurant again! It's definitely a comfortable restaurant to have steamboat. We didn't even sweat after the dinner! And not much of smell on us too after the meal! Lovely atmosphere but I hope the next time I visit, the seafood would be fresher! :)
Oh and it's Halal! Er... Not exactly a good news to many of us but then hey I only care about the dessert! :p

Shabu One Steamboat Buffet
T18-22, 3rd Floor,
Lot 10 Shopping Centre,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03- 2145 9933


reanaclaire said...

Ipoh has one Shabu too..but yet to try.. my girl will like this!

ShiRLeXia said...

Oh great! I kinda like this restaurant!

Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Azmi said...

@admin,is there any other restaurant in KL like this one? but halal

Shabu One said...

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