Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It's now almost 4a.m. but I'm awake. Ah, ah ah... Don't worry it isn't Ken's fault. It's just that Deardo Wong's SMS from Male International Airport, Maldives telling me he just checked in, woke me up and I couldn't get back to sleep anymore.

Things currently running in my mind at 4 something in the morning...
1. It's raining, it's cold, I'm sneezing. *Ha~Chew~~*
2. Yay~ Deardo Wong is coming home, coming back to me in few hours time! BUT Deardo's mum is also coming back to KL. Cannot together-gether yee yan sai gai... Sigh...
3. Think, think, think... Which companies can I apply for a job?
4. Think, think, think... How can I earn money without a permanent job?
5. I want to hug and kiss my man so badly!!!
6. I think I'm feeling hungry.
7. I feel like having a Chicken, Cheese and Avocado Focaccia and a hot Mocha at Bookmark Cafe, Curtin University of Technology.
8. Oh... I miss Perth... :(
One of my favourite light meals on campus! And don't doubt, that is a Chinese newspaper!
I miss you soooooo much you bloody crazy woman Jodi Reynolds!!!
I love this lovely pic I took for Mr and Mrs Ferguson, my host parent when I was doing volunteer work in Dardanup! I was going to send them this pic but I lost their address... :p
Rev, Lina, let's go to Freo together once again!
Australian Day in Perth is definitely funnier and cooler than our own Merdeka Day!
I miss my room in Vickery House~~~!!! ;(

I think every time when I'm helpless, or when I feel sad or lonely, I feel like going back to Perth, or wish that I had never came back to Malaysia!


Lay JinG said...

We have to move on ... and now u HOME! Life's full of up and down, and try to think positive! Cheers~

ShiRLeXia said...

I know lar Lay Jing, just all of a sudden got this kinda feeling mah...
I'm trying very hard to be positive now, it's just hard to not get a job for so many months...