Thursday, July 15, 2010

Super Wednesday @ Rasamas!

It sounds like I'm writing ad for Rasamas but sadly that isn't the case lar(oi, pay me pay me!).

Few months back when Deardo and I were walking around Carrefour Subang Jaya deciding what to eat, we saw this unbelievable deal at Rasamas. So ngam it was a Wednesday, they actually have this Eat-All-You-Can deal only on every Wednesday from 6-9pm. We tried and are satisfied customers who went back for a few times for it.Last night we brought Deardo's mum and BIL along and we all had a cheap and satisfying dinner! So Finally I'm sharing this nice deal with ya all!
For RM9.90(it was only RM8.90 when it started!), you'll be served with...Carbonated drink, or Pepsi, to be accurate.
A whole garlic bread to stuff yourself with.
Finally... Pepper Roaster Chicken with rice, vege, chili sauce and clear soup!
Nop, the deal doesn't stop there. Since it's Eat-All-You-Can, that means you get to refill everything from the meal! Depending on how much you can eat, it's already worth the price if you have another plate of the chicken with rice. Deardo and I normally go for more chicken and vege with lesser rice.The meal is especially suitable for guys who eat big!
Deardo's mum and me posing happily with our drumsticks! Yum~!
We love it, seriously! It's not like they serve you lousy food for such a price you know. Their chicken is as nice as always while the oily rice is just the kinda chicken rice I love! One important thing is their signature chili sauce. Once you try it you will want more, trust me! Even Deardo's mum who had it the first time asked for a refill for the chili!
It's just a perfect deal for people with a big stomach or hungry people!!! :pSorry? Big stomach? You talking about me?


Hayley said...

Looks like you're very ngam key with your future mother in law! hehe, faster marry la! :P
Rasamas, is it the same one at Tesco Taiping? Hmm, I'd say their chicken taste not bad!

ShiRLeXia said...

Ok ok lar... Now still feel a bit strange, I'm trying to be polite but be myself at the same time when I'm with her. You should tell me your experience!
Yeap, same one! Yea I agree they serve pretty good food!

Lay JinG said...

non stop eating huh? thought u wan on diet? haha... anyway thanks for sharing!

ShiRLeXia said...

Will cut down once his mum goes home lor... :p