Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A note to ya all...

Hey people, I know I've been missing in action for quite a while now. What to do... The bf's mum is in town for almost two weeks now. I've been stuffing myself with home cooked food or bringing her to places we already been to. And other time would be spent accompanying her to shopping centres, doing grocery shopping and staying at home. That is why you see zero food and movie reviews!
Oh well, all I can say is, expect more of me missing in action from my blog! :(

Lately during my job interviews, I often met interviewers who were amazed at how I can speak fluent English despite the fact that I'm a Chinese school student from Standard 1 till Form 5. I'm proud. *ahem ahem~* But why do they have to be so amazed? And besides the praises, I also got a bit frustrated sometimes when people goes:"You're from a Chinese school, so your English..."Of course, that was a 'lighter' line I've made. Trust me, I've heard worst ones.

Okay, I believe a lot of my readers are English school (Malay school, to be accurate) grads. I believe some of you do have very good English. But don't you agree with me that some of these English school grads' English can't even fight with us, the Chinese school grads??? Seriously, I hate the stereotype of us Chinese school students having bad English. It pissed me off a lot.

In my blog I always say, my English isn't perfect, especially my grammar I must say. But at least my English is far better than my maths or science. Yet, it's good enough for me when I do my work, when I do translation, when I could help a lot of my friends when they need someone to help on their English assignments or whatever it is. I also have many friends who are from Chinese school who are really good in English. Some who are smarter and more successful than whoever you are!

Honestly if you are a Chinese school grad, what do you think? Do you actually like people telling you... Hey you China man or China woman, your English must be bad? If you are not a Chinese school grad and you do think your English is fantastic and you see us Chinese school grads as lousy English speakers or writers, think twice. No, I might want you to twist your brain a bit and stop that f**king stereotype!

We might not have perfect English, but we do not deserved a discrimination like this. Plus, can you speak proper Mandarin? Okay, maybe you can... So can you read or write Chinese??? You can't, right? That will make you lose a lot of possible clients or customers from China, the biggest country with the biggest population on earth. So seriously, think twice when you want to tell some Chinese school grads off. Think of how good is yourself first, PLEASE!!!


Hayley said...

Lol, cool down.. I personally think it's not an offend, if people underestimate chinese grads, well then just prove to them!
I'm proud to grad from chinese sch, and yet still capable in English, hehe ;)

ShiRLeXia said...

Well, I'm cool lar. Just trying to let people know we are not as bad as they think!
Yes you are!