Friday, July 30, 2010

Durians for dinner?

This might be one of the craziest stuff I've ever done in my entire life. *sweat~~~*
I'm not quite a big fan of durians. Back home Papo will have to bring the durian to my face with a line "bo pian lu eh, zhit ley jin eh jia ho jiak!"(I'm telling you, this is bloody tasty!) only I will give the durian a try. And the maximum I could eat will be probably like urm... Three pieces? So how is it possible for me to have durians buffet as dinner? DINNER! BUFFET!!! Absolutely super duper unhealthy.Yes! I've done that! Durians for dinner!!!
Unfortunately, that is just what I did last night, with Deardo Wong and his bunch of cool CG members....The most crowded stall of all.
Yea, there are so many stalls to choose from at SS2! After a while, we chose the most crowded one. They have buffet at RM9 and RM15. Of course we went for the RM15 one for better quality durians!People got website one ler, don't pray pray~~!
I can smell durian only by looking at this pic!
(I cannot believe myself looking at the crowd immersing themselves with durians for dinner! Are Malaysians just durian lovers or unhealthy people?)
We picked a table and sat down, you can help yourself with the plain water there but Auntie Shirlexia already prepared some nice Chinese Herbal Tea just to cool down the body as durian, as you all know, is a very heaty fruit. Look at those happy faces!
Specially made by Auntie Shirlexia, homemade Chinese Herbal Tea!
Then the people there will open and serve you with different kind of durians. Most of us, including myself, prefer the durians to be not so watery. Tell you, I wouldn't even try those durians that look like they are salivating... Hahaha, that's the way Ket Hon describes it... :pSalivating, yet??? Ducum, do you want some???
I only had about 10 pieces(yet, that is a record for someone who doesn't fancy durian so much, okay?) but Deardo and Ket Hon sapu-ed quite a lot. I can tell you some of the durians are really quite yummy! And if you are a durian lover, only the smell of the durians itself at the stalls will make you feel like you're in heaven~!
I think the owners of those stalls are definitely earning A LOT! But then if you are a fan of durians, RM15 for buffet durian is definitely worth it! So do give it a go before the durian season ends!

Before I wrapped up this blog post, let's see who won the BEST DURIAN EATER AWARD!
Coming in fourth place is Shirlexia Tan!!!Looks more like I saw something scary like a ghost or a shark! LOL!

Third place would be Deardo Wong!!!Deardo wanted to wallup the whole durian???

And second place is Ho Ket Hon!!!Okay, I know you have a new gf, KH... We are not as surprise as how you look in this pic! :p

And finally... The first prize winner, who would walk away with a reward of appearing ugly on my blog is....





Shin Enn Yapp~~~~!!!Even though that is the same old expression... It still makes him looks so like... Having a durian orgasm or something... Hahahaha...

Congratulations to all winners! I'm sure you guys have won respect among all other durian lovers! :p


Hayley said...

Erm, durian is definetely not my thing... But can see you all very enjoyed la.. :)

p/s: wah the stall got website somemore!! Dont play play... :P

ShiRLeXia said...

Not really mine too. I just went for fun!

LayJinG said...

Haha... I am durian lover and can eat alot! Haiz... but its too heaty!

ShiRLeXia said...

Well the season doesn't come so often you know, so you better appreciate the chance.