Sunday, July 11, 2010

Deardo's sis's bday @ Tomoe Jap Restaurant, SS15 Subang Jaya

Deardo and I went to Tomoe for our 6 months' celebration few months back and this time around her sister decided to have it for her birthday dinner there as well. So this is our second visit to this Japanese restaurant. Special thanks to Deardo's mum for the pretty-costly treat! :)
Say koninchiwa to our Birthday Girl!!!
From left, Deardo's mum, Deardo's sis and Deardo's BIL Kevin.
I don't have the bill so please don't expect me to name all the dishes and their price. Just try to indulge yourself with the pictures of the food. Hehehehe...My all time favourite! The mighty Dragon Roll!!!
Deardo's sis had this big bowl of beef Udon soup.
Deardo's mum had the Unagi Don which was pretty oishii too!!!
The-luckily-it was-nice Katsu Don...
Soft Shell Crab Temaki.
Grilled Octopus, one of the favourites of the night.
Kaisen Yaki Udon was not too bad too although I still prefer the Soba one.
Overall, I'm still very happy with the food there. Although the Dragon Roll at RM33 sounds a bit to expensive, but to me it's worth the money. The sashimi and avocado are fresh, the ebi tempura inside is nicely deep fried and super fresh too. The Unagi too, I must say is very fresh! Deardo originally ordered a Yakiniku Don but the waitress made a mistake and although Deardo tried to scare her with his fierce face and louder voice, we didn't get to change it, so he settled with the chicken one in stead and luckily it was actually pretty good! Otherwise... Like Russell Peters says... Somebody's gonna hurt real bad (I mean not physically lar, my Deardo is not some hak sey hui dailou)! :p I'm still very much a fan of the Dragon Roll! Really couldn't get enough of it!
The bill came to around RM230 plus if I'm not mistaken. Well I do hope that I have lots of money so that I can come try their expensive fresh sashimi or grill fishes that the waitress kept recommending.

2nd Round @ Ole Ole Bali, Sunway PyramidI think this is quite a cool family pic!
Since the gentlemen weren't full enough, we went for a second round snack at Ole Ole Bali.
I didn't like my first visit here long long time ago because I thought it's not very authentic Indonesian food since the food always comes with some Western stuff such as Frech Fries and they even served steaks and pasta... ==|||Shirlexia posing with the bf's mum! Mamo... Are you jealous now? Come to KL lar! Ask you come you don't want... Ish...
Shirlexia trying to be artsy...
Nice pic of Deardo's mum right? Looks like she is some emperor or something...
A proof that we were there!
This time around we only had the Ole Ole Trio to share and surprisingly it impressed almost everyone! The Sate Lilit, Grilled Chicken Wings and Cumi-Cumi Goreng(deep fried octopus, just like deep fried Paul... Oh I want deep fried Paul!) are equally delicious. Have them with the Sambal sauces too, they are pretty nice too! My Shawn Zai ran out of battery in the end so this was stolen from Kevin's FB... Our Ole Ole Trio!
Ah... That made me so full and so sick of food! We even went for a third round-ice-cream later... Now you see how I put on weight after dating Deardo Wong?

Oh by the way, you wouldn't notice how fat I am in this cheap dress I got from Cotton On! I got it for only RM29 during their sales which I believe is still on. Even Deardo's mum told me I looked slim in it!
Yay~! Shirlexia looks slim! Yay~! Say you didn't notice my mouth was opened... Say you didn't!
And the bag! Got it from Teetoo recently (I constantly forgot I don't have a job, or perhaps I was in denial). It was around RM54 only! I think it's so urm.. Retro? Is that the word? Whatever, I just think it's a cute bag! I'm so in love with Teetoo, they have all the nice clothes at a slightly cheaper price! I'm such a fan until now I got their membership card! :p

Alright, enough for now... A lil' updates on my job-hunting. The one that I'm aiming for... They got me to do another something for them and I'm still praying hard they WILL offer me the job. Wish me luck everybodey~! :)


Hayley said...

Wow, I'm always a japanese food lover! seeing all your photos made me drool on this early morning!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Me too! Always love Jap food!
Well I must really say this restaurant is by far one of my favourites!