Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tawainese Sha Cha Pork with Rice 沙茶猪肉盖饭

I first tried something with Sha Cha Sauce 沙茶酱quite a while ago in Taiping when Mamo brought me to this new restaurant selling Taiwanese styled steamboat. I tried the Sha Cha Sauce soup based steamboat and totally fell in love with it. It has this powderly texture and tastes a bit salty and a little spicy. Don't know how to explain it exactly. It's just unique and tasty! The 沙茶牛肉盖饭 I had in Taipei.
And when I was in Taipei, I tried the Sha Cha Beef at Wu Fen Pu and that was when I decided I MUST buy that so called 'BBQ sauce' home! And so I did! From the Carrefour near the hotel we stayed! I later found out you can easily find them in the supermarket here. I saw loads of them in Jusco the other day.My little bottle of Sha Cha Sauce. :D
Just buy them and you can try making this yummy Taiwanese Sha Cha Pork dish (Opted for pork as it's healthier than beef)!

Besides the Sha Cha Sauce, you will need...
Sliced yellow onion and ginger, thinly sliced pork marinated with light soya sauce, for a balance dish, I added some capsicum and French beans. Also, some cooking wine.

What to do?
1. Heat up some oil. Simmer the onion and ginger.2. Then add in the pork, capsicum and French beans.3. Add in some water, mustn't be too much of water though, this is not a dish with loads of gravy. Stir fry it for a while.
4. When you see the pork are almost done, add in about 2-3 tablespoon of the Sha Cha Sauce. Continue to fry. 5. Right before you switch off the fire, add in some cooking wine and that's it! 6. Remove them from the wok, put them over a bowl of rice and ready to makan!

I sprinkled some roasted sesame on top of the dish. You can't see the rice can't you? Hahaha... I always cook too much of food... :p
We had our dinner with soup of the day: ABC soup.
Well I really think with the beef, it tastes slightly better. But it's better to cut down on red meat lar. While the Sha Cha Sauce itself is quite flavourful, the cooking wine definitely doubles up the tastiness of the dish! Mama Mia~! :D


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