Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Toy Story 3

World Cup matches have probably taken all my movies time. Oh well, there aren't any nice movies really, DO NOT ask me to watch Twilight!!!

Anywayz, managed to catch Toy Story 3 over the weekend and I'm glad I've watched it, even though I actually didn't even watch the first and second one.
The toys' owner Andy is going into college and the toys are afraid that they will be abandon. So they decided to go out to a day care centre only find another huge adventure awaiting them. The movie went on till the end where Andy had to send them to a little girl... By that time I think except for those children, most of the people in the cinema were already crying! I'm serious, guys included! Me, of course, cried like a baby next to Deardo! Really cannot take any movies talking about partings...
Anywayz, a very nice movie I must say. Very well written story, loads of adventures, very meaningful and touching. Oh yea, check out the part where Buzz becomes a Spanish! I laughed like crazy and it's one of my favourite parts of the movie!
Funny and touching! Nice one! :)

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