Saturday, July 24, 2010

Streetdance 3D

(But I didn't watch the 3D version...)
FYI, I love everything with dances, especially street dance!
I watched Streetdance without knowing much about the movie, thus I was so surprised to find out 1) it's a British movie! 2) It has Diversity, Flawless and George Sampson from British Got Talent!
The storyline is pretty much very ordinary, it's like almost all dance movies have this kinda storyline. So what I was looking for was the creativity in their cinematography, lighting and most importantly, choreography.
Mixing street dance and ballet isn't actually new. You would have seen the same in Save the Last Dance. The difference is, this time around it's a whole crew in stead of a solo performance, which is of course, much more exciting. Check out the part where the street dancers and ballet dancers kinda started a battle, I personally enjoyed that part very much. The final performance was bloody impressive too, love every bit of it (except for the cheesy stupid kiss in the middle, street dance is a cool dance, not a romantic dance!!!) that I was actually clapping watching it! I think choreography wise, they've done a great job, really! If those dancers are really street dancers and ballet dancers, I would give them a big applause for picking up both dances just for the movie! It's definitely not easy to mix the two very different dances together!
However, I feel like something is missing. Perhaps it's the cinematography, or it's the lighting. I just feel like the performances aren't very nice to look at like this. Maybe it's the lighting, it's just not dramatic enough. It's like, I can easily forget the performances in this movie but can vividly remember the one in the rain in Step Up 2! And seriously, no offense, I think the British accent always sounds so urm... Old school? Sounded like people who would act in Shakespeare in Love! It just sounds so 'classic' that it makes it so weird to listen to some street dancers speaking like that...
Anywayz, still quite a nice one! At least it made me nervous when waiting for their final dance! Can't wait to see what's in Step Up 3D!

P/S: Talking about street dance, remember TC Dragon, or 小龙? I went to Singapore last year just to see him! He and his dance crew Top Coalition had just won the BBOY Taiwan and are going to France for the World BBOY Competition! Congratulations!!! :D


Hayley said...

I like dance movies too!
My favourite is Step Up I and II! Erm, I watch those movies simply just to see how they dance, dint really focus on lightning/choreography.. hehe ;)

ShiRLeXia said...

Choreography is the most important part in a dance movie! I just thought there is something missing, maybe the lighting that made the movie a bit like 'ng gou hao'...