Friday, July 9, 2010


No thanks to Sean's nice review on the movie(he said this is the best one of all the previous Predator movies), Deardo Wong decided that we shall go for the movie before it is too late(well, in fact yesterday was only officially the first day the movie came out) late last night at 11pm... You just can't beat that kinda passion on a guy on this kinda game-alien or perhaps sci-fiction movie? I really don't know how to categorize this movie, I've never watched any Predator movies before this...
Ok lar, I don't want to sound like I was dragged to watch it. There is a reason for me to watch it and that's Adrien Brody! One of my favourite actors of all! Yay~! And seeing him standing at the centre in the poster, I know he will be the main guy who will survive the slaughter~! :p
Well, since the movie is quite new right now, I'm not gonna reveal the storyline. But be prepared to catch more than one Predator this time around, and get ready for a very nice scene of Predator vs Predator(ooopsss... Am I revealing it now?) and a surprising twist that both Deardo and I like on one of the characters in the end. I think the human vs Predator scene isn't too bad too. At least it's hard work, unlike that lousy 'done-in-5-second' fight in Iron man 2!
I'm not a fan of movie like this. Some random people chosen to another planet to fight with these Predators, and it's like a game... Just sounds like it has zero sense to me. I got sleepy half way but that's probably because we went for late movie too. But if you are a fan of movie like this, listen to what Deardo Wong said... He said this movie is good because it's similar to the first one which has Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. And like I said, the ideas, the fights and the twist made it a movie worth a watch!
So my advice is, if you love the previous Predator or its franchises, YOU MUST WATCH THIS!
Oh by the way, does anybody know what went wrong with Adrien Brody's voice? He sounds so different now! Drink too much or what? With King Kong and Predators, I expect his popularity to grow higher! See, I always say I have good taste! Whoever not-so-famous actors I like, they will become famous eventually! :p


Hayley said...

Wow you were fast!
Hubby and I decided to catch this on this coming Sunday. I think it wont be disappointing la~

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea, I will say it won't!