Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just a lil' updates...

On everything, big or small.

First thing first, I just finished a whole strings of interviews and at least for now there is nothing waiting for me to attend to. The one that I'm aiming for was done last week and I'm still eagerly waiting for them to call me back for a job offer. That's the one I really really like even after attending the interview. You know sometimes you thought you would like this job, but after the interview you will actually find yourself a bit reluctant to join them. But that was the one I want and am still very interested after the interview. I'm still full of hope that they will call me up!
Fingers crossed!!!

Yes! I witnessed how the Argentinian team and Maradona were embarrased by the 0-4 lost to Germany! Oh yeashhhhh~~~!!! I actually wanted to leave the Mamak stall right after the first half because I thought the match was a bit boring and I was feeling uncomfortable surrounded by a huge bunch of Argentinian fans who I think totally don't know how to watch football. They were making stupid noises for no reasons. Made me totally ==|||
Of course, now I would say luckily Deardo made me stay for the match and it turned out the Germans won the match so beautifully! Tell you what, I'm not even a fan of Germany, not without Michael Ballack. But Argentina is like one of the teams that I hate the most! Sorry lar if you think I'm being emo cos back then when I was a little girl screaming for Micheal Owen and David Beckham, Argentina kicked them out of the World Cup in 1998. And since they beat my favourite team Mexico in the last and current World Cup, there is definitely no love from me for the blue and white team! Ish~~~~!!!
So you can imagine how happy I was at the Mamak stall seeing how the Argentinian team lost with such an embarrassing scoreline, Maradona looking extra depressed, Argentinian fans all went quiet and all... Oh all those were PURE ENJOYMENT TO ME MAN!!! Wahahahahahaha...
I was actually clapping my hands and cheering so lan si-ly in front of those Argentinian fans that Deardo had to stop me. He was afraid of me being beat-up! Ha~!
If you have my Facebook, you probably already saw the short song lyric I've written. You know the song Don't Cry for Me Argentina from the movie Evita? The one sang by the famous Madonna? Now remember the rhythm? Now put these words into the chorus...
"Don't cry for me Argentina~ the truth is you're VERY lousy... Messi did nothing... Fire Maradona... Go pack and go home... Don't waste our time..."
Just for fun lar, not that I'm a song writer or whatever. Just to make fun of the Argentina team! Kekekekekeke...
Anywayz! Well done Germany! Now let's see if it is really a Germany vs Netherlands final!

I had a really good weekend. Not only did the teams that I supported won their matches respectively, I also earned a little pocket money for myself as an assistant swimming coach.
Alright, the story behind this was... Deardo's boss was running out of coaches this weekend so he asked a few people to come and replace them. I was a bit not too sure of my capability since I'm actually quite a new swimmer, but since it was just assisting and not really coaching, I took the challenge.
Now I must tell you, I was actually quite nervous hours before the first class on Saturday.
But well it turned out to be quite okay. I was just standing by the poolside, making sure the kids (who are mostly already pretty good swimmers, better than me in fact) do their practices in correct ways.
And I had fun! There was just little money earned but hey that doesn't really matter lar! I think I kinda enjoy teaching kids although I don't always love kids, not naughty ones especially. Now I'm actually seriously thinking of learning to swim seriously so that I can also coach part-time (maybe even full-time?) like Deardo! What about coaching as a couple? That would be really cool hey!

Till then, Oyazumi!!! :)


WCL said...

Full time sounds good.. hehehe :P

ShiRLeXia said...

Well but that will have to wait till I'm really good!