Sunday, August 29, 2010

Awesome Girls' Day Out~! Awww~!

According to earlier plan, I was supposed to go back to Taiping for the long weekend with Deardo Wong. And then I was assigned to cover an (lousy) event on Saturday so I had to be left behind in KL.
I thought I'll be very sad and all you know but then the Friday's girls' day out with Karen and Sue (Meng Han lar, she just officially changed her name... ==|||)saved my entire weekend really!

Lunch @ Lumeeya, 1 Utama
Sue actually wanted to go to Mid Valley but gosh the place is like freaking crowded all car parks had an 'full' with a red light sign and it was so bloody jammed up! Man I can never understand why people love to go to Mid Valley so much!!! So we changed our plan to 1 Utama where it wasn't too bad. Some little boy wanted to take picture with Auntie Karen...
It's just a norm we had to have that peace pose... Ohya, I cut my hair again before I started working! Nice bo?
First thing first, lunch at Lumeeya. I've actually wanted to try the food here for quite a while but since Deardo Wong isn't quite a fan of Lum Mee, I have to go myself, or with my two hao jie mei! Funnily, in the end, none of us order their famous Lum Mee... :pThe chili sauce, sweet sauce and chili padi.
Karen had the Choo Cheung Fun kinda thing.
Sue had the Nyonya Curry Mee set which comes with a little bowl of Yong Tofu and a cup of soya bean.
I had the Dry Curry Mee Set.
Deep fried Sui Gao to share.
The main courses we had were all pretty much just so-so. But I must admit their side dishes Yong Tofu stuff are really nice! I guess they are all homemade lar. I can say the ingredients they use to make them are really fresh too!
But then one day I must really come and try their Lum Mee!

And then off we went to do some shopping! And then movie(movie review later), and then more shopping(yay~)! You know lar, Sue just came from the hill (she works in Genting now) so she really needs to buy all the stuff she needs here!
We stopped by Shu Uemura for some make-up stuff and honestly, that was the first time ever I let a sales girl at a cosmetic shop try products on my big face. Joanne was putting some ICI or the recently very famous Nippon Paint on my big face!
You know we actually changed the Nippon Paint commercial song to "Nipple pain, nipple pain~~~"
Sue's turn to put on some fake lashes!
And yes, I mean bloodily long lashes!
Camwhoring while waiting for Miss Sue!
The result? Spent like RM300 over there! But then I guess it's really time to use better products cos they are those that you have to apply on your face you know!

And then we had dinner before we called it a day!Big hole in my wallet~! :( Will have to save next month to clear my credit card now...
Damn, Sue's fake lashes are so obvious even from far!

I really had so much fun the other day! I mean, since I started seeing Deardo Wong, I've not really have a chance to go for a girls' day out like this (well also because a lot of my friends are either too busy or not in KL)! It was just solely doing some girls' shopping for clothes, shoes and cosmetics! So girlish! You know girls' views and comments when you do shopping are often so different as compared to guys' ones. Don't you think so? Every time I asked them, hey do you think I should buy this? They will go "if you really like it you should buy it!" Or "it looks really good on you, better buy no matter what!"Of course at times, they will give you honest comments if the stuff doesn't look very good lar. But then it's better than letting your guy waiting for you trying out your clothes (and got bored until he has to play with his iPhone) and don't really know how to give you a comment lor! (But good thing about shopping with your guy is of course he sometimes pays for you lar, right?) Really appreciate Karen and Sue's accompany for the day man even though it means a big hole in my wallet! Ouch~! :p


Hayley said...

Sometimes, outings with girl friends is more fun than dating with our man, haha :)

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea Hayley, I agree! I can see you also enjoyed your trip to KL with your gang of friends!