Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mamo's Super-Yummy-No-One-Can-Beat Chicken Porridge

Phew~That's a long name~!
Mamo's signature chicken porridge is something we love since we were small kids. Even Jodi, my ang mo best friend love it that she even demanded me to make this dish for her when I went back for holiday! We've tried other chicken porridge either from her friends or when we eat outside but nothing can beat hers! I think what makes the biggest difference is that people love to cook chicken porridge with shredded chicken(鸡丝) but Mamo's with chicken thigh! Yummeeeyyyy~!!!
I just made this again for lunch yesterday. I'm sure Mamo wouldn't mind me sharing her secret recipe for this super-yummy-no-one-can-beat Chicken Porridge!I always love to have my porridge with some garlic oil and pepper!
It's super easy actually. Cut some chicken thigh into small pieces, marinate them in soya sauce and pepper at least for a few hours. Then just dump them all into the pot with the rice with enough water to make porridge. Ah... Don't forget the preserved cabbage(Dang Cai) too! Of course, add in enough salt to taste!
Easy isn't it? Tell you one more thing, if you have bones from the thigh, dump them in too. They will make it even yummier~! :p


Hayley said...

Looks nice! Porridge is a healthy dish! Me like too ^^

ShiRLeXia said...

Yes! Good for diet too! Not fattening!