Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ma FUN Saturday~! :D

Went to visit Super Ah Ma yesterday and ended up having great fun with my two cute cousin sisters, Karina and Tessa!
Man they are so cute! So co-operative when taking pictures and after every picture taken they'll go... I wanna see! Let me see! So CUTE you cannot imagine!

Nah, let the pictures show you how cute they are...Tessa is always my favourite cousin of all, she is so cute and quiet!

Aaaaahhhh... Look at Karina at the back! :p

I know this picture is without me, but I just couldn't skip this because Karina looks TOO CUTE!!!

Haha, I still think Karina has the best facial expression!


See, who got the prettiest tongue?

Love this SHOCKING pic!!!

Looking far...

This one is so freaking funny! Everybody is showing their back but Tessa decided to show her feet in stead! LOL!

Awwww... Cute~!

Trying to be angry~!

Aiyor~ How come sad faces also can be so CUTE one???

I think we were trying to do some jealous faces...

Kiss, anyone???


I LOVE KARINA'S NEW HAIRSTYLE! Makes her looks so bloody cute~!


Well, it's not always they have such good mood okay~! So these photos are not easy to get! :p


viviantan-yan said...

hahaha, really cute man!!!~~
i love the sleeply face one!!!~

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha you know they are always so cute! Especially when they are in good mood!