Monday, August 16, 2010

Karen's Birthday Celebrato~

I don't know about you, but I'm finding myself with too many August babies around me! You see, I just celebrated Chuan Yee's birthday last week! Of course some of them I could only wish them through FB, but some it's just not right to skip celebrating with them!
Yeap, I'm talking about Karen, whom I've celebrated her birthday with her last year in Hong Kong!
Say Hello to the birthday girl, Auntie Karen! And oh that lace hairband is my birthday gift for her! Nice ler???
Time really flies man, it's too fast for one year since our Hong Kong trip and too fast for her to grow a year older, my dear Auntie Karen! Kekekekeke... :p

Dinner @ Pasta de Gohan
Anywayz, we only had a night out for the celebration. We went to Pasta de Gohan since she'd never dined there before while I'm quite a fan of it and have their membership card even if some of the waitresses can't speak English properly and their promotion brochure has too many mistakes it makes me laughed so hard...
Here's my previous review on Pasta de Gohan.
Since Karen was a bit too full because the food she ate the whole day, we shared one set dinner which was much more than enough for the two of us. What I especially love about Pasta de Gohan is they have all kinda set lunch, set dinner and combo sets with a few different dishes in smaller portion so that you can try out different flavours all the time! I chose the Minestrone Soup which is really a no-no...
And chose the Chicken and Mushrooms Pizza.
And the Macha Cream Octopus Spaghetti!
At RM28.90, I got a set with a pasta, a pizza and a soup of a salad. All three dishes can be chosen from about 3 to 4 choices. I love my Macha Cream Octopus Spaghetti a lot! The Macha flavour is pretty unique but yummy while the pizza is crispy and I love the fact that it has the long mushrooms I don't know what they are called on it! Yummmzzzz~~~!!!As you can see I love hairbands, so I gave her a hairband too!
Blurry photo but oh well I don't want to skip this since it has Auntie Karen's signature peace pose! LOL!
I am so going to Pasta de Gohan more after this to try out more of their dishes on their menu!

After a little walk around the mall, we decided to get some ice-cream before we call it a day...Fattening I know! But oh man, Baskin Robbins just have some wonderful ice-cream flavours~!
Can you spot one similarity in the pictures above??? Nop, not the ice-cream!
Ta da~ We bought the same safety pin necklace from Topshop together since it was buy-one-free-one!
Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear hao jie mei~! :D I hope everything goes well for you!

Ah by the way, that was a Friday, only the beginning of my busy weekend! More to blog about soon!


Hayley said...

Baskin Robbins ice cream!!! :0
Just the 2 of u during the celebration?

ShiRLeXia said...

Nyek nyek nyek! Nice ice-crem~!
Yeap, she is one of my best friends mah...