Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Chef Shirlexia again!

Do excuse me if you think I'm blogging a bit too frequent. But that's because if I didn't screw up my own medical check-up, and nothing goes wrong in between, I'm starting work next Tuesday! Yea... I know it's a bit too soon but what to do? I'M NEEDED! :p
Since I'm going to start work very soon, I'm afraid I won't have that much time to crap in my blog anymore, so I better finish blogging about everything I have left on hands... Damn it sounds like I'm working for someone and is chasing against time to meet deadline...==|||

Anywayz here are some of my cooking I don't dare to call them recipe to share...
Sha Cha Chicken Chop with Aglio Olio
This is something special I made the other day because Deardo and I were a bit tired of dishes with rice everyday when his mum was here. So right after she left, I made a quite random Western dish for dinner!I marinated the chicken chop with some Sha Cha Sauce that I've used here before for a few hours and kinda grilled it on a non-stick pan until it is cooked. Then made the Aglio Olio like this one, but this time around it was a successful one because I've put enough of olive oil and more chili flakes! :D Then I finally stir fried some Tow Miew (pea shoots) with bean sprouts with some garlic and chicken stock as the side dish. It's a bit like an East meets West dish which was a total success! Deardo loves it and I'm so happy it turned out yummy after some hard work! :D

Japanese Tuna Sauce Salad
I bought this packet of Tuna Pasta Sauce from the 100 Yen Shop not too long ago. I tried it with spaghetti before and it was pretty nice with some bits of tuna in it. But then the next day I didn't want to have spaghetti anymore so I heat up the sauce as usual, this time around with some chili flakes to make it spicy. Then added the sauce onto some boiled potatoes, eggs, corn and raw capsicum. Now the pasta sauce turned into salad dressing!Not too bad as a light and healthy lunch! :)

Honey Mustard Chicken with Spaghetti This is quite exactly the same thing as the Honey Mustard Chicken with Rice I did before for Papo and Mamo. But I forgot about the mushroom this time around(oooppssss...). And in stead of rice, we had it with some spaghetti.
Still amazingly delicious!!! Next time I'm gonna try making it to go with mashed potato!

I think I've forgotten to wish all my Malay and Muslim friends SELAMAT BERPUASA!!! I hope you wouldn't get too hungry reading my blog! :p

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