Saturday, August 14, 2010

Healthy Tuna Rice

Quite recently I suddenly have all kinda ideas in using rice to make a simple dish. My first experiment was the Healthy Tomato Rice with Fish and one fine afternoon I made my second try which I call it simply, Healthy Tuna Rice!

What you need...About a cup of rice, frozen corn(aren't in the picture above because they were being cooked when I took the pic), a can of tuna in olive oil, chopped capsicum, chopped tomato, tow miew (pea shoots) and an egg. Some soya sauce and pepper to taste.

What to do...
1) Cooked the rice and frozen corn in a rice cooker.2) When the rice is cooked and still hot, beat the egg onto the rice and stir.3) Next, pour all ingredients into the pot and mix well.4) Add in appropriate amount of soya sauce and pepper to taste. And that's it! Serve HOT!

Gosh I was eating the rice myself thinking... How good is it if I can be SO HEALTHY everyday!
You know what? I think this is like one of the simplest dish I've ever made. So little cooking! I mean, the rice and corn just leave it to the rice cooker! You don't even need to start a fire to cook anything! Ingredients wise, it's quite the same as how I made my Tuna Macaroni. I chose them to make the dish looks prettier with a variety of colour. As for the tow miew, I just suddenly thought of the days back in Perth where I first saw the ang mos eating them raw as salad, and I actually accepted it! So I added that into the rice just so that I get to eat some green vege. I even garnish my dish with them! I supposed you can choose your own ingredients too when you feel like trying to make this healthy dish!

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