Monday, August 2, 2010

We survived Melaka~!

I've only been to Melaka once, and that was two years ago, mostly to help up with The Voice Academy. So I asked Deardo Wong if we can pay Melaka a visit to enjoy some private time together once his mum went back to Taiping after almost one month in KL. He agreed although he'd been there N times. :pCamwhoring in the car is a must to start a trip!
I don't know since when visiting Melaka is like such a trend that it has made the whole town so jammed pack, so I guess we were pretty lucky the traffic wasn't that bad when we were there on Saturday. :D

Brunch @ Kedai Kopi Chung WahThe restaurant was still pretty quiet when we were there.
We might have to join the queue if we arrived slightly later!
As we arrived in Melaka city at around 11.30am, parked the car right in front of Jonker Street, we went for some authentic Melaka Chicken Rice Ball. It was unbelievably Deardo's first time eating Chicken Rice Ball! :pA cool pic of myself when I was still fresh!
Luckily we were quite early so we didn't need to queue-up like what we saw later in the afternoon. The chicken actually looks pretty unphotogenic so I didn't want to focus on them! :p
Chicken Rice Ball virgin no more~!
Anywayz, to me, like the first time I tried Chicken Rice Balls are just very normal stuff. It's just rice made into a ball really. I wouldn't say they are not tasty, but not very special lor.
Together with drinks, we spent around RM13 there. Reasonable price!

One by the narrow street~!
Since we didn't feel very full, we decided to go for a second round. Mind you, I've already had a paper with a list of food or restaurants we can try in Melaka. So we went to somewhere near.

2nd Brunch @ Donald & LilyI'm looking extremely happy to have finally found the place! I didn't see Donald or Lily though...
It took us a while to find the place actually. From Jonker Street, we walked to Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, but you have to turn in a small lane in the middle and walk a little more to finally see the famous kampung house-looking restaurant. Love the homey feel~!
It really feels like you're dining in a real Baba house than in a restaurant. But best of all, the food they served tastes like real homemade food with real ingredients too!
We ordered a Nyonya Laksa, a Nasi Minyak with Rendang Chicken and a Taukwa Rojak to share. Oooohh... I'm sure you're salivating now!
It's just like the real homemade food!
The Rojak comes with fruits, taukwa, and some fish balls! Very special indeed!
The Nyonya Laksa's soup was superbly yummy. Deardo really like it a lot! The Nasi Minyak with Redang Chicken too was impressive. The rice has a really nice scent I don't know is it some special herbs or whatever lar, it's just really nice! And the Rendang! You can actually taste the bits of chili herbs they made! It's like they are using real ingredients in stead of serving you with whole loads of MSG! We are very happy with the food although we didn't really like the Rojak. I'm always very happy whenever I tried nice food with a nice price!
With drinks, the bill came up to around RM18 something only! That's very cheap for KL-ians like us! I mean, for that kinda yummy food too! Right choice we've made hey~! :D

Because Melaka isn't too big,we walked all the way to places like the St. Paul Church and A' Famosa... Under a FREAKING HOT SUN!!! I've got a bit sun burned even with an umbrella on hand. And I was sweating so much Deardo Wong couldn't help but chased me into the restroom to clean myself when we reached a shopping centre! But I think it was a right choice not to drive in a city which has mostly one-way roads! The Melaka river???
The very famous St. Paul Church~! Too bad no pictures are allowed inside the church.
Trying to pose like a model while getting sun-burned at A'Famosa.
And then we saw this basket+trolley at Careffour at the Pahlawan Mall! It's so cool lar! How come we don't have it here in KL one???

Tea break @ Nadeje Patisserie Cafe
We've went to the wrong place and after some hard-walking session (although it was actually very near from where we started), we finally arrived at Nadeje Patisserie Cafe!!! Phew~! Just to proof that I was there! LOL!
So let me remind you, Plaza Mahkota IS NOT THE SAME AS Mahkota Parade!!!
The Mille Crepe here is the top priority in my MUST-EAT-LIST in Melaka. I've wanted to try this since decades ago!!! Yes I've tried the one at Food Foundry, but at Nadeje there are more flavours to choose from and I'm pretty sure theirs are fresher too. Deardo Wong looking very exhausted after the long long walk just for a dessert his gf demanded for! :p
Ta da... After so many years! My Mille Crepe~!!!
Say I'm pariah or whatever, but that is the first time I saw such cover to cover my tea pot to make sure the water inside is warm! And I think the tea is really nice too! Definitely not some random cheap Earl Grey lor!
While Deardo was trying to cool himself down after walking in such hot weather, I was already "Hmmmm~~Yum~~~ This is so delicious~~~!" I originally wanted a Rum & Raisin Mille Crepe but they didn't have it that day. So I had the Tiramisu flavour Mille Crepe. I don't know how to explain to you, but I really love it! You see, I never really liked cake with loads of flour e.g butter cake. And this one with layers of pancakes that tastes a bit milky is just that kinda dessert I would fancy! It really feels so smooth in your mouth and throat!!! Even Deardo Wong who only had about 2-3 bites of it said it's nicer than normal cake! I'm pretty sure you don't want to miss this too if you visit Melaka!I felt so satisfied even though it was pretty tiring walking to the cafe!
The cake is RM8.50 per slice, which is a bit pricey I must say. But because they have a promotion when you have a slice of cake or a meal you can have coffee or tea at only RM3, we had a great deal there! Together with Deardo's drink, which is RM5.80, it only cost us RM16.80! Another satisfying meal with nice price! Yay~! All the walking were all worth it! :D

Durian Cendol @ Jonker 88
According to our plan, the next stop would be another dessert at Jonker 88. We both thought it is a must to have the Cendol there although we've both tried it before in our previous visits!
Still, it was a long queue before we get to order our Durian Cendol. Can you see someone queue-ing up impatiently??? Kekekekeke...
There we go~ Durian Cendol!
I'm not sure is it because of the fact that ours were tapao one, the green Cendol jelly were frozen! So when I was trying to swallow them down like what I normally do with Cendol, they kinda make my throat very uncomfortable since they are like frozen and sharp. Seriously, didn't enjoy that, really! :S

Before we took the car and officially left Jonker Street, I got myself a nice hat! Nice and fashionable hat only at RM10! Yay~!
Obviously it wasn't very useful anymore since I've already got all burned by then... :p

Another meal @ Taiwan Mee, Jalan Gajah Berang
Since it was only 5pm, too early for sunset or dinner, we went for another meal! Muahahaha... Now you know we can really eat!Watch out for this signboard for some famous beef noodles!
According to earlier research, this restaurant serves one of the best Taiwanese beef noodles in Malaysia. We, who've just came back from Taiwan will now be the judge! Looks really yummy hey???
The dried noodles is a no-no...
Here comes the verdict... Unlike the one we had in Taipei, the soup here is 'Ma La' which is hot & spicy. That's not too bad lar. I reckon the beef and pai kuat also were pretty nice. But we didn't like the flat noodles they used lor. And I would say the soup one tastes much more better than the dried one. Nevertheless, it doesn't beat the original one that we've tasted in Taipei!
RM12.90 for one big and one small beef noodles plus one small pai kuat noodles (yes, we had three bowls!). Still quite reasonable lar.

Supposedly we wanted to go to the Eye on Malaysia to take some nice sunset pictures. But it turned out the Eye on Malaysia is now abandoned! Not opened to public anymore and just being abandoned like some bloody huge rubbish! Padan muka! Who ask you to charge RM20 per person just for a lousy ride? Stupid! Eng gai very good~! :pSee how sad the Eye on Malaysia looks standing at the back???
But then there is a sea side, and a huge empty ground with a lot of people playing kites and Deardo Wong got excited! He said he misses playing kite with his dad when he was a little kid! And so I just look at him spending RM25 to buy a kite and start showing off his stunt like a little kid! ==|||He doesn't allow me to take ugly picture of myself but he himself...
Ahhhh... My best photo taken throughout the entire trip!
We have some that have a better view of the Eye on Malaysia at the back but we look better in this one, so forget about the Eye on Malaysia... :p
Ok lar, I must admit I had fun too putting up a kite into the sky successfully for the first time in my life! And it was quite a romantic and fun activity to kill time anywayz! You see, where else can we go in Melaka wor??? You tell me!!!
Sunset there tak jadi also because there were too much clouds covering the sun! Ish... Wasted my time waiting only! Yes, I was trying to be funny...

Dinner @ Sea Terrace, Portuguese Village
We were lost while looking for a Ikan Bakar place for dinner. After a while we gave up, but while on the way back to Melaka town, Deardo took a turn into the Portuguese Village to search for seafood dinner!This is the stall we chose for a pretty nice seafood dinner!
There we saw this little place like a food court with the first stall being the most crowded one, so we decided to follow the crowd. Yum~ Fattening but always so yummy Deep Fried Sotong.
Very nice Sambal Kangkong. They have some dried prawn in to to make it extra nice!
Portuguese styled baked fish, Shirlexia's favourite!
We ordered a Deep Fried Sotong, a Baked Fish and a Sambal Kangkung to go with rice. I must say all three dishes were impressive! The baked fish especially, was definitely my favourite! This is actually the first time I've tried Portuguese styled baked fish, and I love it! The gravy is damn nice! And the fish was pretty fresh too! So I wouldn't mind paying RM25 (RM5 per 100g) for that! The sotong and Kangkong are both RM8, and together with rice and an apple juice, the yummy seafood feast dinner only took us RM45.50! Aaaahhhh... Another great meal~! :D

Overall the day trip to Melaka was an enjoyable one. In my opinion, you should always go on a trip with the right person. See the thing about Deardo and I is, we don't mind walking, although yes, we still prefer it without the hot weather. But to some people, they might just reject it right away and prefer to drive all the way to different places! To me, walking and getting lost is just part of an adventurous trip! That's the real fun!
I must thank Deardo Wong for not only bringing me to Melaka, but also accompanying me throughout the trip, even though it means walking all the way under hot sun just for a dessert I was longing for. Look, he's not even a dessert person! Like he said, only he will go crazy with me(只有他才会陪我癫)! If it's like this, can we go again for a slice of Rum & Raisin Mille Crepe??? Can we??? :p


Hayley said...

It's a day trip?? You guys can eat so much? LOL...

Its been a while too since my last visit.. always wish to go again but am tired when thinking of the time travelling...

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea har... We were amazed too! He and I were thinking we should start a diet plan after the trip but then it didn't happen last night as we had another heavy dinner! :p
Yea man, from Taiping from Melaka is pretty far... Is there an airport in Melaka I wonder???

LayJinG said...

Oh... nice foods... I feel wanna visit melaka liao!

ShiRLeXia said...

Hehehehe... Basically Melaka does have quite good food, as compared to places to visit...