Thursday, August 5, 2010

Me & ma diet plan

I now weight XXkg, same weight about 4 years ago when I was in Perth, which is also my personal peak weight. Is that sentence even correct?
Anywayz, after dating Deardo Wong, I've obviously put on some weight. Honestly, it's hard to control myself (and Deardo Wong) in terms of eating. We both love food too much. This minute we will be talking about how fat we are now and we should really start eating lesser, the next minute we will be discussing about restaurants that we want to visit but yet to have a chance to go. This minute we will be talking about saving money and we should eat simple meals, the next minute we will be talking about having buffet for dinner! You can always see sparks in my eyes when I see food! Ting ting ting ting~!
Seriously, I hate it when I have to jaga-jaga the angle when taking pictures so that I won't be exposing my FAT. And like any other girls, I hate it when people say I'VE PUT ON weight... Well, even though it's true!

Back then in Perth, when I shocked myself looking at the weighing machine I started a strict diet plan and it works! Basically the whole plan consists of regular gym sessions, very little rice, dividing the big portion of meals I got from work to two (save money on a next meal too!), very little ice-cream, no fast food, no chocolate and snacks at all. In about 6 months time, I've cut down 5kg successfully!Look at this pic taken much earlier! Like it or not, I gotta say we both put on weight!
I could have just follow the same plan but things are different now with a bf (Okay Deardo Wong, I'm not blaming you okay, don't be mad! Ang gu gu~).
See guys will be guys. His portion of rice must be always HUGE, his meal must always have meat, he can have supper and I couldn't stand swallowing my own saliva looking at him eating while me not eating, he hates porridge but I love it, his mum comes to KL (way too) often and cooks almost every single meal and I will have to eat even when I'm not in a mood or don't feel like eating for 'giving face's sake, and the list goes on. If I can always make chicken porridge and Deardo enjoy eating it too then that will be cool! We can start a porridge diet! :p

I've figured out one BIG difference on my eating habits, and that is eating late dinner or supper. I rarely eat later than 9pm when I was single. I was actually trying to make it a habit to not eat after 7pm. And unless if Ducum or I Rene ask me out to Mamak stall, I normally wouldn't go out for supper. Plus, when I cook or eat myself, the most important thing is always the vege, I can survive without the meat. But now things changed.
So... I really is begging for good idea to go on a serious diet. I've recently made this healthy lunch with mushroom omelet and some steamed broccoli and baby carrots for myself. And then felt hungry only about 2 hours later...
I still go to the gym, and am swimming quite a lot too. But ladies and gentlemen, IF I CANNOT SKIP DINNER OR EVEN SUPPER, what can I do to get slim???
Sorry lar, I'm too poor to hire a personal trainer, or a nutritionist, or go to slimming centres mah, that's why I'm asking for free advices! :p

Oh by the way, a new recommendation to ya all if you still remember Chola Spice Restaurant.
Deardo Wong and I recently tried and fell in love crazily with their Bombay Fried Rice! It comes in a special shape, like they are trying to make a Taj Mahal with the rice or something. The dish smells super duper nice and when you chew you can actually eat the Indian spices, something like those you get in your Vada. It makes the chewing experience more fun! Great one! I now actually crave for it almost everyday! Presenting... The bloodily delicious Bombay Fried Rice!

Till then, remember, advices are BADLY NEEDED!!!


reanaclaire said...

yes, u reminded me when u said that your eyes sparkles when u see food.. my colleague also told me same thing.. no need to see food, when talking about food, also my eyes will sparkle and my mouth will twitch! hahahahaa...

Hayley said...

Yep, you blog is always full with FOOD!! can see you like food alot, just like me, haha :D

You can go exercise with your dear wert! can paktor at the same time, hehe ;)

ShiRLeXia said...

Ok ok I should say me too!!! :p

But my Deardo doesn't want to join gym. He said swimming is enough!